BCA Group is one of the largest private educational groups in Greece. It comprises BCA College, the largest college located in Athens with 650 students, offering Bachelor and Master’s degrees in collaboration with British universities. BCA College was founded in 1971 and is licensed by the Greek Ministry of Education as a college that can provide Bachelor and Master courses through its collaboration with British universities.

      A long-term course of continuous upgrading has made BCA one of the largest and most credible educational institutions in Greece. Years of continuous educational service and success in all sectors, have formed a level of quality and study conditions that are comparable to large universities abroad. This is the reason why various UK higher educational institutions have been collaborating with BCA through validating or franchising bachelor’s and master’s courses which run in Athens Greece, offering BCA graduates the potential for a superior career.

      BCA was the first educational organisation that dealt exclusively with Business studies. Expressing a new perception for its time, it was the first in Greece to offer Marketing, Shipping and Advertising programmes. BCA has franchised a DipHE in Hotel and Catering Management with Tourism and Leisure since 1997, the BA Hotel & Catering Management with Tourism and Leisure in 1999 and finally the MBA in 2000. London Guildhall University validated the DipHE in Shipping and Transport in 1996. The BCA portfolio of courses validated by University of Plymouth, comprises 8 undergraduate and 8 postgraduate courses, interfacing with three Plymouth University Schools, namely the Plymouth Business School, the School of Tourism and Hospitality and the Graduate School of Management. Today BCA is one of the largest British Higher Education providers in Greece.


      Contact person Evangelos Poutos
      Full address 4 Dimitressa str., 11528 Athens, Greece
      Telephone (+30) 210 7253783
      Fax (+30) 210 7251563
      Email e.poutos@bca.edu.gr
      Company web address http://www.bca.gr


      INMER – European Institute of Maritime Studies & Research


      The European Institute of Maritime Studies and Research INMER in Greece was established in 1985 by scientists and experts in the maritime sector, as well as professionals and entrepreneurs. INMER is promoting the development of nautical and maritime sector in Greece through research and education activities undertaken on behalf of national and international actors and stakeholders from the public and the private sector. INMER is providing consultation in accreditation issues for all kinds of vessels through auditing. INMER has supported and is supporting one of the major nautical museums in Greece, the Maritime Tradition Museum. INMER is the official interlocutor of International Maritime Organization (IMO).

      INMER exhibits experience and knowledge in all maritime and nautical issues. Yachting and cruising tourism is among the topics of main interest, considering the importance thereof for Greece and the Mediterranean. In the field of education and training, INMER is organizing targeted seminars for training and upskilling of students, professionals in the maritime and nautical sector. In addition, INMER provides lectures, one-day training workshops to higher education actors, Colleges, VET institutes and their maritime and tourism departments, as well as in scientific summits. INMER is further cultivating knowledge in maritime issues through various publications, such as the handbook for on-board safety for seamen and crew, the Greek study ‘Human Error – A major cause of marine casualties’ etc.

      Contact person Georgios Markogiannis
      Full address Akti Tzelepi 4, 18531 Piraeus, Greece
      Telephone +302104284270
      Email mtm.inmer@gmail.com
      Company web address

      Militos Consulting S.A.

      Militos Consulting S.A. (18 years of operation) is a unique, dynamic and innovative 360° consultancy firm, with a strong European profile, international experience and many distinctions in the provision of integrated and ground-breaking consultancy services in a wide spectrum of fields, including Gamification and Digital Applications, Skills Empowerment, Entrepreneurship Education, Vocational Education and Training (VET), Communication, Community Building and Awareness Measures, Event Management, Social Innovation, Culture, etc.

      With a track record of 58 EU-funded projects and activities, as leader or partner, Militos has sound experience in project management of large-scale and complex projects as well as in depth understanding of European policies. Militos has expertise in the conceptualisation, development and operation of new and sustainable entrepreneurship schemes, train-the-trainer methodologies, interactive e-learning tools, online immersive games and mobile applications, etc. currently implementing more than 20 related European projects while some of its past projects have been officially recognized as best practices: Business Mentors (coordinated by Militos), LadybizIT and Mumpreneurs on women entrepreneurship, IncuVET on VET Schools as Entrepreneurial Hubs, MENTEE on Mentoring for young and new entrepreneurs, Farm inc. on marketing of agricultural products and GLEAN on employability and entrepreneurship in Agriculture for NEETs.

      Militos holds extensive experience and expertise in mobilising communities, building and activating networks, designing, managing and implementing demanding events and large-scale campaigns and is well known for the smart, inventive, high aesthetic and quality material it produces (logos, leaflets, banners, website mockups, vortals, videolands, online games, teasers for social media, interactive blogs, etc). It is the first choice as Communication and Dissemination Consultant for enterprises and (European) bodies, such as the European Commission Representation in Greece (Exclusive Communication & Campaigning Consultant), European Parliament Information Office in Greece (External Consultant), European Commission Standard Eurobarometer for Greece (National Editor), DG Enterprise and Industry (Intermediary Organisation for ERASMUS Young Entrepreneurs & Coordinator of the European Network of Mentors for Women Entrepreneurs); Embassies (Embassy of Azerbaijan in Greece for its cultural programme); NGOs (Coeurs pour Tous Hellas for children with congenital heart disease, Branding Heritage – Ancient Greece through Contemporary Design, International Association to Save Tyre, Library for all).

      Overall, within the last 6 years, Militos has organised more than 185 multidimensional events and dissemination actions with more than 65.000 participants, having received many distinctions for the quality of its services, the innovative content, the influence, efficiency and impact of its communication activities, including 2 european awards (DG AGRI), ie. the Special Public CAP Award for the widest outreach in Europe (1st place) and the Award for Innovative Communication in the EU CAP (3rd place) for the LLP project farmsup! on the promotion of agro-entrepreneurship. Militos holds a multidisciplinary team of 10 people, a large network of external experts and more than 350 synergies worldwide.

      Contact person Kyriakos Lingas
      Full address 335 Acharnon str., 11145 Athens, Greece
      Telephone +30 210 6772129
      Fax +30 210 6772116
      Email lingas@militos.org
      Company web address www.militos.org

      Sea Teach S.L.

      Sea Teach S.L. is a Limited Company registered and based in Spain. The company is operating as a Sea School providing Vocational and Adult Training since 1999. Although based in Mallorca, Sea Teach is affiliated to and recognised by the Royal Yachting Association (RYA). The RYA is the UK’s national organisation authorised by the British government to issue certificates for professionals operating marine vessels up to 24 meters in the ‘Small Commercial Vessel’ Sector (SCV).

      The Sea School offers a wide range of vocational training courses to professional skippers and crew as well as adult learning courses for private use to students from many different EU Countries whose ages range from 18 years upwards. The school is authorised to examine and award certification to its students after successful completion of the course. The principal of the Sea School, Michael John is English and is the schools chief instructor.

      Sea Teach is also a Charter company for bareboat and skippered charter vessels between 12 and 24 meters. It also offers professional skippers and crew services to private boat owners.

      As a nautical business in the Balearic Islands Sea Teach is affiliated to the associations AENB (Asociación de Empresas Náuticas de Baleares) and ANEN (Asociación de Náuticas Empresas Nacional) who actively represent the interests of the nautical sector in general and of professional skippers and employees in the leisure boating business in specific.

      Sea Teach has also been involved in several maritime projects, financed by the LLP and Erasmus+ programs, of which it coordinated two successful projects with regard to the specific problem of lack of recognition of professional skipper qualifications within the Small Commercial Vessel (SCV) sector (www.trecvet.eu and www.tcc-scv.eu).

      Its expertise for the professional and private skipper sector as well as for the charter business was also requested in its involvement in a study of Nautical Tourism commissioned by the DG Mare in 2016.

      Sea Teach is a member of the ECVET Team and has attended all recent ECVET Forums that have provided many contacts and alliances to organisations and stakeholders who are involved in ECVET principals and its implementation throughout Europe. Sea Teach is actively involved in the training and placement of professional skippers and crew and has a profound understanding of the current training supply and the market needs. Through its project work it has developed high levels of expertise regarding professional skipper qualifications and informal skills, both being central to this project application.

      Sea Teach employs up to 10 staff members dependent on seasonal demands. It has two directors who are responsible for the overall operational control, strategy and policy of the business, an ICT specialist, Sea School instructors and professional skippers. Project management is controlled by the two directors, Silja Teege and Michael John.


      Contact person Silja Teege
      Full address Port Petit 208, 07660 Cala d’Or, Mallorca/ Spain
      Telephone 0034-971648429
      Email email@sea-teach.com
      Company web address www.sea-teach.com

      BMTC – Bulgarian Maritime Training Centre

      Bulgarian Maritime Training Centre was established in 1974 to help the personnel employed in the shipping industry to prepare for Maritime Administration examinations and through the years, it has become a complete training source for professional qualification.

      In 1989 the BMTC was declared as a national maritime training centre by Bulgarian Ministry of Transport and as a Centre of Excellence in its field. Over the years BMTC has constantly strengthen its position as the leading provider of high quality courses for seafarers working on board merchant vessels.

      Presently BMTC provides over 40 different training courses focusing on the following main areas of training: STCW Compliant Training, Preparatory training courses for achieving higher maritime competency second and chief engineer, CO and master foreign going, Specialized Training for Tanker Operations – Oil, Chemical and Gas tanker, Tanker Familiarization Training, Simulation – Navigation, Simulation – Engine Team & Resource Management, Team leadership, Specialized courses, Engineering Courses, Specialized training for personnel on passenger ships (including ro-ro passenger ships), Fast Rescue boat, Medical care, Refresher courses. etc.

      Since 2000 BMTC is an independent organization, and its services are available to all members of the international shipping community. The training facilities currently established in BMTC are making a positive contribution to seafarer training which is so important to the shipping industry.

      BMTC constantly takes into account new national and international requirements for seafarer training, evolves alongside the rapidly changing regulatory environment and guarantees the safety navigation and prevention of pollution. The Centre makes a considerable investment in modern equipment and in maintenance – the latest versions of Bridge, Engine Room and Liquid Cargo Handling Simulators of Kongsberg are in operation here. Training vessel, several types of rescue boats, modern teaching aids, video films, etc, help to provide qualitative and costeffective learning. Contemporary training environment, high experienced lecturers and instructors and a rich library of maritime publications help seafarers get the excellent service they deserve Customer’s satisfaction is the focal point of all BMTC activities. To this end a Quality Management System was established and certified in 2002 according to ISO 9001:2000 by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance, subsequently re certificated under in accordance with the requirements 9001:2008 edition of the standard. The training of Ratings is also regularly observed by National Agency of Professional Education and Training. Working in a very close relation with different shipping and companies and manning agencies BMTC designs and provides customer requested courses for seafarers sailing on board their ships.

      BMTC provides also licensed by the Bulgarian Agency for professional education and training courses for achievement of vocational qualification for Ratings: Ordinary Seamen, Able seamen, Boatswains, etc. BMTC is an approved MARLINS test centre and conducts computer based and TOSE tests. BMTC provides professional training to individuals who wish to improve their seamanship skills at all levels (hard and soft skills). Through this training, upgrading and retraining, the seafarers are well prepared to work safely and effectively on board of all types of vessels and boats From 2008 Bulgarian Maritime Training Centre is a shipowner of first Bulgarian barquentine ‘Kaliakra’ and hundreds young people sail under her sails since then, get one time life experience and make friends.

      Contact person Ognyan Savov
      Full address 73 «Vasil Drumev» Str, Varna 9002, Bulgaria
      Telephone 00359 884779 059
      Email bmtc@bmtc-bg.com
      Company web address www.bmtc-bg.com

      Black Sea Research Programme-NOAH

      “Black Sea Research Program-NOAH” is a non-profit and non-governmental organization founded in 1999 in Varna.

      BLACK SEA RESEARCH PROGRAMME – NOAH aims towards leadership in the establishment of conditions for sustainable development of the Black Sea region. We promote economic and scientific networking and collaboration, development and strengthening of education, culture, environment, science and innovation.


      • Fostering the development of the Sea-Knowledge, Sea Tourism, Marine History, Culture and Arts.
      • Providing specialized training courses for improvement or upgrade of seamenship skills as well to those who wish to retrain in their job classifications in cooperation with Naval Academy Nikola Vaptsarov.
      • Stimulating the knowledge about the sea, maritime tourism, culture and the arts through the creation of new research programs.
      • Facilitation of the establishment of guarded marine underwater parks for the conservation of the historical heritage and the development of international tourism.
      • Organization of oceanographic and underwater archeological research of Black Sea
      • Joining the efforts of scientists from around the world for the Study of Black, Red and Aegean Seas under the scientific program “NOAH-99”.
      • Monitoring of the cetacean species in the Bulgarian Black Sea territorial waters, as well as supporting and encouraging the study of marine resources and biodiversity conservation. Improving the conservation status of the targeted species.
      • Decreasing the impact of marine pollution and fishing;
      • Monitoring of the pollution and ballast water management of the Bulgarian Black Sea territorial waters.
      • Monitoring of the Invasive Alien Species in the Bulgarian Black Sea territorial waters.
      • Cooperating with national and international bodies and organizations with similar goals.
      • Organizing scientific theoretical and practical conferences, symposiums and other forums for exchange of scientific information.
      • Organizing training of specialists in the fields of oceanographic, geological, historical and ecological research in cooperation with educational institutions.
      Contact person Stella Slavcheva
      Full address 36D Tzar Simeon I str., 9000, Varna, Bulgaria
      Telephone +35929520690
      Fax +35929523310
      Email bsrp.noah@gmail.com
      Company web address www.bsrp-noah.eu

      Faculty of Maritime Studies Rijeka – University of Rijeka

      Faculty of Maritime Studies Rijeka is the oldest Maritime Education and Training institution of higher education in the Adriatic area. It has a total of 109 employees of which academic staff totals 72 persons (46 holding Ph.Ds).

      Faculty of Maritime Studies academic staff offers scientific expertise and experience in: maritime safety, navigation, electronics, marine engineering, marine power plants, maritime law, law of the sea, port operations, economics of transport, shipping and port economics, transport logistics, transport technology, verbal maritime communications, etc. The Faculty consists of 5 departments and possesses several simulators and laboratories. In 2001 the Faculty gained ISO 9001:2000 certificate of quality.

      The Faculty carries out maritime education & training, projects and feasibility studies for the Croatian Maritime Administration, shipping industry, ports, etc. and R&D in the maritime industry. The Faculty offers the following studies, in line with the current trends and needs of the shipping industry:

      • Nautical Studies and Maritime Transport Technology
      • Marine Engineering
      • Marine Electronic Engineering and Information Technology
      • Logistics and Management in Maritime Industry and Transport
      • Technology and Organization of Transport.

      PFRI has accumulated experience from more than 200 projects in Croatia and abroad and it is active participant in EU projects. PFRI participated in Erasmus+, Leonardo da Vinci, Transfer of Innovation, IPA CBC programme, FP7, Interreg-Cards/Phare, etc.

      PFRI has great experience in the education of students and professional and non-professional seafarers as part of lifelong learning. PFRI constantly monitors the success of employment of its students on ships and yachts and in different positions on shore and it is in constant contact with various institutions and companies, in that way improves its curriculum in line with labor market needs. At PFRI graduate level it is held Nautical tourism course where students can learn about all aspects of business in the sector of nautical tourism. PFRI has made many studies concerning the safety of navigation in the sector of nautical tourism, and also participated in the development of Strategy for development of nautical tourism in Croatia. PFRI holds various training courses for the maritime industry, among which courses related to the training for skippers, crew management in crisis situations, leadership and teamwork skills etc. All key persons involved in this project have completed formal education on PFRI, after which they have sailed and gained experience on merchant ships and on yachts. After finishing their career on ships, they continued career at PFRI where they transfer their knowledge to students, active seafarers, skippers and employees on the shore in occupations related to maritime affairs as part of lifelong learning. All key persons are members of the commission for development of program for education and training of professions in the maritime affairs and all have experience in EU projects.

      Contact person Djani Mohovic, Ph.D.
      Full address Studentska 2, 51000 Rijeka, Croatia
      Telephone +385 51 338 411
      Fax ++385 51 211 046
      Email dmohovic@pfri.hr
      Company web address www.pfri.uniri.hr

      IZTZG – Institut za turizam (Institute for Tourism)

      The Institute for Tourism is a public research institute, servicing Croatian tourism industry and relevant public bodies with up to date tourism research, dealing with tourism policy and planning, marketing intelligence, and sustainable and responsible development. Founded in 1959, the Institute is one of the oldest institutions in Europe engaged in tourism research. Of the total number of employees (29), the Institute has 21 researchers (scientists and research assistants), coming from various disciplines thus fostering the Institute’s multidisciplinary orientation (economy, geography, sociology, architecture, environmental science, transport, mathematics, statistics and computer science).

      The Institute’s scientific research activities are focused on: (i) visitor experiences and behavior, (ii) sustainable and responsible tourism development, management and planning, (iii) economic impacts of tourism, (iv) forecasting tourism demand, and (v) transport, environment, and tourism. The Institute established a longitudinal quantitative survey of attitudes and expenditures of tourists in Croatia known as TOMAS Survey 30 years ago. Regarding the evaluation of economic impacts (direct and indirect) that is continuously gaining attention among scientists in tourism research, the Institute is continuously working on the improvement of the Tourism Satellite Account (TSA) application and extends this methodology to the regional tourism satellite accounts as well as to a measurement of the indirect contribution of tourism. Regarding the Institute’s commitment towards sustainable and responsible tourism development, it became in 2016 a Croatian Sustainable Tourism Observatory, one of the 22 such observatories within the UNWTO international network of tourism observatories monitoring the economic, environmental and social impact of the tourism at destination level.

      Besides the Institute’s research activities, one of the most important aspects of its work is education with activities therein related to i) assisting Croatian secondary and tertiary education providers in defining programs and curricula and ii) training tourism professionals through various forms of life-long learning modules (seminars, workshops and similar) and iii) devising and monitoring the impact of a variety of community awareness programs on issues affecting tourists or tourism in general. Besides the aforementioned experience of the Institute in the education activities, it has a broad experience and an expertise in research and development of nautical tourism in Croatia, comprising both, yacht and cruise tourism.

      The Institute was involved in development of the Study of nautical (yachting) tourism development in the Republic of Croatia in 2006, Which informed the Strategy of nautical (yachting) tourism development in the Republic of Croatia in 2009-2019, developed in 2008. The Institute was responsible for the analysis of yacht tourism demand an

      The Institute was responsible for development of the Croatian Tourism Development Strategy until 2020, published in 2013. The Strategy recognized, among others, the need for life-long education of personnel in nautical (yachting) tourism in order to raise the level of knowledge in the management, but also in communication with nautical tourists.

      Contact person Zrinka Marušić
      Full address Vrhovec 5, 10 000 Zagreb, Croatia
      Telephone +385 1 3909 666
      Fax +385 1 3909 667
      Email zrinka.marusic@iztzg.hr
      Company web address www.iztzg.hr